Monday, September 17, 2012

Tool # 11 Reflecting

I met with the Guthrie 3D teacher and the architectural teachers this summer. They really want me to teach my students how to draw, so they will be ready for the classes at Guthrie.

I like the drawing apps for the iPad. I didn't take any art classes, and I'm like many of my students. I'm having to learn how to draw, and then translate that to drawing in a computer. It's one thing to know which buttons to push to create an effect; however the true creativity comes from drawing your own art, and then using the technology to enhance it.

The RSA Animate video in tool #9 was very interesting. I am asking my student's more questions. Instead of giving them the steps or a how to guide, I am showing them the end result. I then require them to explore several ways to get to that outcome. This means they are thinking more. This has worked well in my Digital Design class.

Tool #10 Digital Citizenship

The three things I want my students to know are:

Internet safety - Do not accept all friend requests, and do not have 819 friends! Some of those are going to be creepy, scary people. Only have friends you know in real life. When I discussed this with my students at the beginning of school, they admitted to accepting people they don't know. Then they told me some scary stories. Some students are being too polite, and not wanting to "hurt" the other person's feelings. We had a great discussion about listening to your instinct, and walking away.

Deep web searches - Like the sources Siri (the iPhone voice) uses to search with. She does not use Google!

Etiquette - Student's generally are very open to learning about this.

I used the CyberSmart e-book collection this year to teach Digital Citizenship. It's on the Library Resources page. It has web content, and handouts. It also has a rubric. We had some very interesting classroom discussions.

Tool #9 Devices as Tools for Learning

I loved the RSA Animate video on Tool #9. It was very clever! Since I teach animation, I looked at their website. I will use some of their work as a resource for my animation students.

I will use the TenMarks and Thinkfinity websites with my students. I used Thinkfinity several years ago. Thinkfinity has interactive sites that require students to use logic to complete an assignment. I will set up stations and a competition between groups.

It's important to hold the students accountable as they work in stations; otherwise the students will view the assignment as just a game. Thinkfinity has a product at the end of some the lessons, and I will have a rubric for the students to use.

For the iPad:

I am teaching my students to draw, and an app I like is Artisan Paint. You can customize the brush and color.

123D Sculpt is an app that looks interesting. Choose a shape, and then push/pull and paint to make a sculpture. Sounds fun! I will show the student's work on the projection screen.

Monday, September 10, 2012

#8 Taking a look at the Tools

I have set up an iPad. I created an iTunes account, and have connected to the Internet.

I did learn that if you don't want to use your credit card to buy apps, you can use a gift card. It works just like a credit card. You can buy a gift card at the grocery store. I learned this from Karen Justl. She is very smart.

It's important to have clear procedures when using technology, and to hold students accountable.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

#7 Reaching Outside the Classroom

First Project:

I would design a collaborative project with my 3D Modeling class, and a Guthrie Architectural class.

The content objective would be to learn architectural vocabulary, and to help my students see real world application of their learning. I would also have them research Architectural jobs, and see how much they could make. I have a student this semester who knows he wants to be an architect, and it is a joy to work with him.

I would implement this in the spring, or next fall. I will have to talk to my friends at Guthrie. I met them this summer. We discussed what my students need to know before they take their class. They have AutoCad, and a very cool set up. They gave me magazines, and other goodies. I love my new friends!

I would use Today's Meet, and Skype.

Second Project:

I have a classroom contact in South Africa. Two years ago, I was one of only 24 teachers selected nationwide to go to South Africa with the National Council on Economic Education. We went to rural schools to meet with teachers and discuss economic lessons. (I also love Economics.)

I met a computer teacher, and while he didn't have Skype then, he might have it now. I would love to set up a Skype with his class. Every year I share with my students about this school - they have a 16 room building with NO running water. They collect rain water in a cistern.

The students (learners) do not have electricity or water in their homes. These learners have seen what having no education has done to their parents, and they are so determined to get an education. They are respectful, and yearn to learn. Many classes do not have teachers, and the students will take turns being the teacher. They actually had a sit in at one school, demanding a teacher. It was an accounting class, and they were not able to teach one another. In South Africa, you must take a national test to go to college. If you don't pass that test, no college. They needed a accounting teacher!

I lived in South Africa in 1995, and I am dismayed at the slow progress in their educational system.

#6 Class Discussions using Web Tools

I took an Edmodo class this summer in Teacher U. Karen Justl was the instructor, and she was fabulous! I set up an Edmodo account, and I created a group for my 3D Modeling class.

I will use Edmodo to send them examples of good designs and bad designs. I will ask them to evaluate   and discuss why one design is better than the other.

In the spring I'm going to have them choose an historic building, and make a 3D model. I will use Edmodo to have them teach the class about the history of their building.

I would embed a file; however it is a SketchUp file, and you would need to have that application on your computer to view it.

I liked Today's Meet also. I can see using this as a warm up activity. Since I have a computer lab, this would work well. I would have a question on the board, and have them comment as I take attendance.

I would start class when everyone has made a comment, using a complete sentence. It's always ok to help and encourage your neighbor in my class, so no one is left behind.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Here is a video I made with Animoto. I could use this tool to introduce video production to my students.

I also used Xtranormal to create this video:

I can see using these tools to help students see the limitations of just select and plug programs. I want them to stretch and really learn how to create their own drawings in Adobe software products.

This will open a whole new world to them. I want to inspire them to not only acquire the technical skills, but to also develop their innovative creative side.

Open your mind & heart to learning, and the world opens up to you!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

#4 Up Up and Away...In the Clouds

I will be using Google Docs with my students. In my 3D Modeling & Animation class, we will be working in groups. We will be constructing a historical building in 3D. I bought a really cool 3D pop up book on historical buildings this summer, and they will choose a building from there.

I will have each team create a Google Doc, and require them to make a plan of construction. Then they will track their progress, noting things that went well, and areas for improvement.

I talked with the Guthrie Architect teachers this summer. If my students really like 3D & architecture they will flow into those classes. I hope to have them ready to take it to the next level, which would be to learn AutoCad.

I also bought a cool Frank Lloyd Wright book. It has floor plans which I hope are inspiring to my students. I love Frank Lloyd Wright's work!

I sent a Google Doc to a teammate, and I sent a survey to two other teachers.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#3 Video & Image Resources

Since Adobe software is the content I am teaching, I have used Adobe TV extensively. Last year, I was learning Photoshop and Flash. I spent my Christmas vacation watching Adobe TV since I had never used Flash before. I wish I credit for all those hours!

This is a video I will use in the beginning of school to inspire my 3D Modeling and Animation students:

This next video explains the new features in Adobe CS6, and will give the students a quick overview of Photoshop.

I liked the videos on Copyright and fair use. My students need to understand Transformation. They need to  make sure they are adding value, and re-purpose when they use images.

I set up my Dropbox, and created a new folder for my 3D Modeling & Animation class.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Personal Learning Networks

Since I have spent the summer learning new software programs, I have lived by several Personal Learning Networks. Thank goodness they exist, because without them, I would be lost. I could spend hours and hours trying to figure out how to do something on my own, or I could jump on SketchUcation (for SketchUp     users). There are lots of forums, and they have one called Newbie Forum. This was right up my ally! 

I also use Adobe software, and thanks to our district leaders, they upgraded our software to the newest version this summer. Spring Branch does an awesome job of keeping us up to date with technology.This meant I needed to learn the upgrades to two more products I use. I used the Adobe Education Exchange to help me. It's a great resource, however it's so massive it has taken me a while to harness it. I was able to do four webinars put on by Adobe and the Corpus Christi Region 2 Service Center. Region 2 service center is now another resource I have access to, since I was able to get to know them through the webinars. I'm hoping to talk with a 3D Modeling teacher from their area when school is back in session.

I have joined the TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) High School Tech Apps Course Group. This is a new group, and it already has some great resources.

As far as posting, since I am in learning mode, I usually just try to find what I need at the moment. I spend my time going to the resource and playing with the software. I will post if I have a question. Next year when I'm not such a newbie I will post to help others. This summer I was just in help me mode!

One last note: I am somewhat old school, and wanted real books. I contacted our Pearson Education sales rep, and she sent me ten free books! Yea!! There's nothing like reading a book, and punching buttons on a computer... :)

Here are the links to the resources I mentioned above:      Google SketchUp    Adobe Education Exchange           Texas Computer Education Association 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Voki is in 3D because I have a new 3D Modeling Animation class next year. When I heard we were going to do the 11 tools, I was thinking NO NO NO!! I have to learn 3D this summer.

However, the 11 tools site is laid out well, and I think it will fun to do. I'm looking forward to learning the tools. Let's have fun together as we take this journey.

I did have a problem with the first tool, since I was using Internet Explorer. It did not want to play well with Google. The problem was solved when I switched to Google Chrome.