Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Voki is in 3D because I have a new 3D Modeling Animation class next year. When I heard we were going to do the 11 tools, I was thinking NO NO NO!! I have to learn 3D this summer.

However, the 11 tools site is laid out well, and I think it will fun to do. I'm looking forward to learning the tools. Let's have fun together as we take this journey.

I did have a problem with the first tool, since I was using Internet Explorer. It did not want to play well with Google. The problem was solved when I switched to Google Chrome.


  1. The 3D is interesting...do I need special glasses? Just kidding...good luck.
    jan marie

  2. Summer is half over...better get busy!!

  3. Vicky, you have a great start...only a few days left to finish 11 Tools and they take time! Good luck.