Thursday, August 16, 2012

#4 Up Up and Away...In the Clouds

I will be using Google Docs with my students. In my 3D Modeling & Animation class, we will be working in groups. We will be constructing a historical building in 3D. I bought a really cool 3D pop up book on historical buildings this summer, and they will choose a building from there.

I will have each team create a Google Doc, and require them to make a plan of construction. Then they will track their progress, noting things that went well, and areas for improvement.

I talked with the Guthrie Architect teachers this summer. If my students really like 3D & architecture they will flow into those classes. I hope to have them ready to take it to the next level, which would be to learn AutoCad.

I also bought a cool Frank Lloyd Wright book. It has floor plans which I hope are inspiring to my students. I love Frank Lloyd Wright's work!

I sent a Google Doc to a teammate, and I sent a survey to two other teachers.

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