Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Personal Learning Networks

Since I have spent the summer learning new software programs, I have lived by several Personal Learning Networks. Thank goodness they exist, because without them, I would be lost. I could spend hours and hours trying to figure out how to do something on my own, or I could jump on SketchUcation (for SketchUp     users). There are lots of forums, and they have one called Newbie Forum. This was right up my ally! 

I also use Adobe software, and thanks to our district leaders, they upgraded our software to the newest version this summer. Spring Branch does an awesome job of keeping us up to date with technology.This meant I needed to learn the upgrades to two more products I use. I used the Adobe Education Exchange to help me. It's a great resource, however it's so massive it has taken me a while to harness it. I was able to do four webinars put on by Adobe and the Corpus Christi Region 2 Service Center. Region 2 service center is now another resource I have access to, since I was able to get to know them through the webinars. I'm hoping to talk with a 3D Modeling teacher from their area when school is back in session.

I have joined the TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) High School Tech Apps Course Group. This is a new group, and it already has some great resources.

As far as posting, since I am in learning mode, I usually just try to find what I need at the moment. I spend my time going to the resource and playing with the software. I will post if I have a question. Next year when I'm not such a newbie I will post to help others. This summer I was just in help me mode!

One last note: I am somewhat old school, and wanted real books. I contacted our Pearson Education sales rep, and she sent me ten free books! Yea!! There's nothing like reading a book, and punching buttons on a computer... :)

Here are the links to the resources I mentioned above:

http://forums.sketchucation.com/      Google SketchUp 

http://edexchange.adobe.com    Adobe Education Exchange

http://www.tcea.org           Texas Computer Education Association 

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