Monday, September 17, 2012

Tool # 11 Reflecting

I met with the Guthrie 3D teacher and the architectural teachers this summer. They really want me to teach my students how to draw, so they will be ready for the classes at Guthrie.

I like the drawing apps for the iPad. I didn't take any art classes, and I'm like many of my students. I'm having to learn how to draw, and then translate that to drawing in a computer. It's one thing to know which buttons to push to create an effect; however the true creativity comes from drawing your own art, and then using the technology to enhance it.

The RSA Animate video in tool #9 was very interesting. I am asking my student's more questions. Instead of giving them the steps or a how to guide, I am showing them the end result. I then require them to explore several ways to get to that outcome. This means they are thinking more. This has worked well in my Digital Design class.

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