Sunday, September 9, 2012

#6 Class Discussions using Web Tools

I took an Edmodo class this summer in Teacher U. Karen Justl was the instructor, and she was fabulous! I set up an Edmodo account, and I created a group for my 3D Modeling class.

I will use Edmodo to send them examples of good designs and bad designs. I will ask them to evaluate   and discuss why one design is better than the other.

In the spring I'm going to have them choose an historic building, and make a 3D model. I will use Edmodo to have them teach the class about the history of their building.

I would embed a file; however it is a SketchUp file, and you would need to have that application on your computer to view it.

I liked Today's Meet also. I can see using this as a warm up activity. Since I have a computer lab, this would work well. I would have a question on the board, and have them comment as I take attendance.

I would start class when everyone has made a comment, using a complete sentence. It's always ok to help and encourage your neighbor in my class, so no one is left behind.

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