Monday, September 17, 2012

Tool #9 Devices as Tools for Learning

I loved the RSA Animate video on Tool #9. It was very clever! Since I teach animation, I looked at their website. I will use some of their work as a resource for my animation students.

I will use the TenMarks and Thinkfinity websites with my students. I used Thinkfinity several years ago. Thinkfinity has interactive sites that require students to use logic to complete an assignment. I will set up stations and a competition between groups.

It's important to hold the students accountable as they work in stations; otherwise the students will view the assignment as just a game. Thinkfinity has a product at the end of some the lessons, and I will have a rubric for the students to use.

For the iPad:

I am teaching my students to draw, and an app I like is Artisan Paint. You can customize the brush and color.

123D Sculpt is an app that looks interesting. Choose a shape, and then push/pull and paint to make a sculpture. Sounds fun! I will show the student's work on the projection screen.

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